Be amazed by this two-panel acrylic art print that transports you to a fantasy world, where two golden leaves become works of art.

SIZE: 30″ x 15″ E/A

* Includes shipping and packaging.

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Golden Leaves Acrylic Wall Art Printing

Decorate your wall with elegance and sophistication with this acrylic art piece consisting of two panels with two gold leaves.

This work of art combines the shine of gold with the transparency of acrylic to create a bright and attractive effect.

The leaves have a detailed and realistic design that contrasts against the white and blue backgrounds, creating a feeling of nature and harmony.

This piece is ideal to give a touch of class and distinction to any space, be it your home, your office, or your business.

You can hang it on the wall like a painting or rest it on a surface like an ornament.

Be that as it may, you will love this piece of acrylic art for its beauty and quality.

* Includes shipping and packaging.

Proudly made in the USA.

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30" x 15" E/A