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Blue Crystal Agate
Only nature could inspire the dynamic blending of color, pattern, and composition in our Geode Artwork. The indigo and yellow palette are rich in detail, and a closer look reveals the presence of a very subtle yet ornate grille design overlaying the subject. It’s an impressive focal point, especially over a sofa or mantel.

The image is printed behind quarter-inch thick acrylic for added depth while protecting the painting from dust and dirt. This modern technique is used widely in museums, galleries as well as high-end hotel lobbies, adding a third dimension to the art. This technique allows the image to shine through, providing a brilliant glossy effect and unprecedented crispness. This piece of art offers a beautiful, modern, sleek design.

This artwork is a must for any space!


  • Aluminum high-end frame
  • The Raised Acrylic Artwork is ready to hang.

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60" x 40"