Custom Acrylic & Tempered Glass Prints

Custom Tempered Glass & Acrylic Prints in Miami Lakes

We make prints in Acrylic and Tempered Glass of the highest quality in the market.

We have the technology, experience, team, and passion that your artistic project requires.

Custom Acrylic and Tempered Glass Prints in Miami Lakes

Both tempered glass and acrylic are ideal substrates for wall art, as they transform boring spaces into modern and vibrant spaces. Additionally, with acrylic prints, you get wonderful and impressive personalized printed images.

What is the process?

We print your digital images (photographs or personal designs), directly on the surface of the tempered glass or acrylic panel, through a flatbed printer. As a result, you get a modern picture, with vivid colors and high contrasts, with high brightness and luminosity, that is, you get an image that stands out spectacularly.

We print up to the edges of the acrylic or glass. However, we can add a border if you wish.

Basic features to consider

Our Acrylic Custom Prints in Miami Lakes are made from your digital images. Our team of experts will advise you on:

– Sizes and shapes

– Materials (acrylic and/or tempered glass)

– Wall mounting options (floating, dead center, recessed)

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