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We're passionate about printing and signs!

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USA ACRYLIC is here to satisfy all your custom business signs, acrylic signs, acrylic decoration, and printing needs in Miami Lakes & South Florida.

Do you need to decorate your spaces?

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Big Savings

Without the huge million-dollar printing presses, dozens of production and sales staff, and all that equipment and overhead, we simply have lower costs in our business model.

Do you have an idea for your business or home?

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Sign Print Company in Miami Lakes, Fl

USA ACRYLIC is a family-run business backed by 25 years of experience, which covers a wide range of signage, and printing.

Our product range includes acrylic signs, custom banners, posters, custom signs, vinyl, boards, signs, and roller banner stands, amongst others.

Customer Satisfaction

USA ACRYLIC services are aimed to provide full customer satisfaction. 

We work with the latest generation of printing machines to ensure the best possible finish, offering high-quality printing and signage.

Our printing company is located in Miami Lakes, where our friendly specialists in printing, signs, and design, are waiting to discuss and help you with your needs.

Do you need a top printer company in Miami Lakes?

Acrylic Decor

USA ACRYLIC is a company specializing in the creation and distribution of acrylic products, under the highest quality standards and backed by 25 years of experience in the market. At USA ACRYLIC we manufacture acrylic decorative products such as acrylic and tempered glass prints, wall clocks, calendars, planners, and custom acrylic shapes.

Affordable and Contemporary

Acrylic prints are an affordable way to personalize your home and office decor, displaying art that you’ll love.

Convey your style and personality, whether, with modern, pop, traditional or abstract art. In a simple way, you can transform boring spaces into beautiful and eye-catching spaces.

We are more than just printed signs and more than a print company in Miami. We offer a variety of custom graphic solutions like custom graphic design, acrylic custom prints, and general print services. Our goal is to create fantastic and memorable designs for you or your business. USA ACRYLIC we’ll become your partner!

We know what print will come out best and what design will wow your audience. Our team has vast experience working on a range of projects, meaning you can rest assured your design and print project is in safe hands. They will help you to create an amazing impression!

USA ACRYLIC’s warehouse space in Miami is large enough to store a good amount of raw material. We have the best of the best to design, print, and produce any product you require for your business signs as well as decorations in acrylic and tempered glass. In addition, we work with state-of-the-art printing machines to guarantee the best possible finish.

You dream it, we'll create it

Acrylic print decoration allows complete customization.

Personalization allows you to fix a brand in the minds of your consumers while giving a unique touch to decorative items.




Print Company in Miami Lakes, Florida


14350 Commerce Way, Miami Lakes, FL 33016


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